Nina Sagemerten – Counselor & Happiness Coach


I am happy to support you with your personal vital issues and life decisions. Do you strive to experience more joy in your life? Would you like to find out how to become happier?

Wether at work, in partnership or family life: we often face challenges. It usually gets easier when we have someone at our side. In counseling I will help you recognize and achieve your goals. Every path starts with the first step.

You already have your own strategies in life. I will assist you so you will be able use them effectively. In addition, you could learn you new ways to cope with challenges and stress. Happiness practices can help you enjoy your life more consciously and find meaning.

I enjoy working outdoors. You can move more easily and experience the pleasure of sensing the sun and fresh air. Try this special kind of counseling and find out wether you like it. Get an idea of what is possible when thoughts and feelings are allowed to flow freely.

Even though my website is mainly in German, I will be happy to provide you with any information you need.

Please feel welcome to contact me at +49 381-4609100 or